Our Security for Eternity Bible Teaching Video Bundle

Our Security for Eternity Bible Teaching Video Bundle

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“Our Security For Eternity” Bible Teaching Video Bundle

Do you have questions about faith, Jesus, or eternity? Have you ever looked for a clear way to explain your faith to friends and family?

Our new “Our Security for Eternity” Bible Teaching Video Bundle is created to be used as a companion study resource alongside our Bible study journal to bring additional insight and context as you study the Gospel of John. 

This six-video teaching series takes us through this study of the Gospel of John in a way that will deepen your faith and equip you to be able to explain the message of the gospel to others. If you long to grow closer to your Savior or hope to understand why Jesus matters to you, join us in our study of the Gospel of John. 

Included in the “Our Security For Eternity” Bible Teaching Video Bundle are six teaching videos (a new video will be released each week of the study, beginning March 7), each approximately 20-minutes in length. These videos are available to stream on-demand as you go through each week’s study.

“Our Security For Eternity” Teaching Video Sessions include teaching on topics such as:

“The Word”
In this session, we talk about the overall themes and goals of this study. Melissa shares about the prologue to John’s Gospel, describing the major themes we will find as we study. We’ll look at who the Word is and understand why John opened his Gospel in this way. 

“Believing without Seeing”
In “Believing without Seeing” we look at the first three miraculous signs Jesus performed as recorded in John’s Gospel. These signs display why believing without seeing is essential for our faith. We’ll discover how true faith, faith that leads to obedience, requires believing without seeing.

“Unshakable Faith”
As we continue in John’s Gospel, we talk about how to have an unshakable faith. We’ll study two more miraculous signs of Jesus as well as the first claim Jesus made about Himself. We’ll see how we can build an unshakable faith on Jesus, the Son of God, and the only way to eternal life. 

These sessions, plus three more, are included in this teaching bundle.

Order the “Our Security For Eternity” Bible Teaching Video Bundle and follow along as you work through this six-week study through the Gospel of John.

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Please note: Your digital purchase includes one unique password for individual use and is not meant to be shared with others or distributed for group use. Internet access is required to stream teaching videos.

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